English Made Easy

English Made Easy

Courses for ESL Students

Personalized Lessons

Study personalized lessons with your tutor in a virtual classroom.

Customized lessons for you.

No matter what your goal is, I can help you get there. I take my students through a series of lessons  from beginner to advanced where they build confidence with the English language and develop the necessary skills to achieve success. There are modules on listening, reading, speaking and writing.  I also tutor a Business English course for professionals who need English at the workplace.  You will receive a personalized curriculum. 

Real world content.

You’ll learn a lot of English by reading, watching, and listening to multimedia that native speakers actually consume and enjoy. You don’t have to learn English with boring and dry textbooks.  You’ll start learning with videos, articles, sound clips and much more!


I don’t use any books in my classes. The lessons are all computer based and you can join the classroom on any device. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. You can connect to the virtual classroom with your device and we go through the interactive lessons together.

Affordable quality.

Enrolling in local English language schools or to work through a Business English program can be expensive and inconvenient. My goal is to provide a more cost effective and personalized alternative.  The lessons are of a high quality and compiled by professionals with many years experience. 

Modules and Lessons

500+ Interactive Lessons 

Lessons are categorized into different modules. A personalized curriculum can be constructed from lessons from all of the below mentioned modules. The modules and lessons are from the Off2Class lesson library. Click on the link or just click on one of the modules below for a more detailed look at the different lessons.

Meet your Tutor.

Hey, guys! I’m Andre Mans, an English tutor from Busan, South Korea, who specializes in one-on-one or small group classes. For beginning and intermediate students there is a huge lesson library to choose lessons from that we study together that will help you make rapid progress. I also offer Business English lessons  for business professionals planning to work abroad or who need business related English at the workplace. I have been tutoring students of all ages and levels for the last 12 years in Korea. My qualifications include a Business Degree (Bachelor of Commerce) and a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. Please feel free to get in contact with me via the contact form below. I can help you achieve all of your English learning goals. See you in the classroom!

Andre Mans

Lesson Sessions

A face-to-face lesson takes about 90 minutes.  Students usually study 1 session per week. (4 sessions per month). All lessons include a 15 minute free talk session before we start the interactive lessons together.

90 Minutes (4 sessions per month)

200 000 KRW

  • 15 Minutes informal chat (free talking)
  • 1 hour lesson in an interactive virtual classroom
  • Lesson summary to review
  • Worksheet (Quiz) to complete after lesson

Trial Lesson

If you are a new student, you have to schedule a 20-minute interview with me. You will answer a few questions and discuss your goals so that I can design a curriculum that’s perfect for you. Please use the contact form below to schedule your interview or for any questions. Please check that you have written your e-mail correctly. 

Contact Form